Working from Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
A brief stop while running in Playa Manzanillo

Living and Working

Santa Teresa is frequented by people from all over the world, either chasing waves, admiring the nature, or both. Although very international, I did not meet anybody else working remotely from the area. Here are some thoughts on the whole experience:

  • Compared to other countries in Latin America, Costa Rica is expensive. And Santa Teresa, even more.
  • WiFi, though widely available, is rather slow and faulty. Specially during storms.
  • For being a tropical area, the selection of fruits and vegetables is rather limited.

Getting Around

You will often hear that a 4x4 car is a must. The truth is, you do not need a 4x4 car but rather a high car. A high car with a 4x2 traction is not only enough but also cheaper. Alternative ways to get around:

  • Quad Bikes
  • Motorbikes
  • Taxi (if you find one, make sure you take their phone number, for future services)


Surf. The waves in the area are some of the biggest I have ever ridden in my short surfer life. Although Santa Teresa Beach is the most frequented surfing spot, I found the waves there to be very challenging for my level. Playa Hermosa, about 5 kilometers north from the center, proved to be a desolated spot with more docile waves to ride. Other sports I saw round town:

  • Trail running
  • Mountain biking
  • There is a functional gym that offers all sort of classes like Muay Thai

Before setting off for Costa Rica, this post was a crucial source of information. In conclusion, Santa Teresa is a great place to visit. But I would prefer to be a regular tourist chasing waves than a digital nomad working from the area.

Working from Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
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Working from Santa Teresa, Costa Rica