Working from Taghazout, Morocco
View of into the ocean, from Adventure Keys coworking space

Living and Working

“The beauty is found in the mess” said a fellow nomad over dinner, referring to their experience in Morocco. I could not agree more. Taghazout is a small fisherman village which became a renowned surf spot. Although small, the village counts with many hostels and guesthouses to host visitors all year long.

It also counts with a couple of coworking spaces, perfectly suitable for remote work. I stayed at and worked from Adventure Keys. My experience was remarkable. The coworking space is located on the last floor of a 6-story building, giving you one of the greatest views you will ever have from a desk.

Getting Around

To get to the village, one would often first come to Agadir. Once in the city, the Alsa bus lines 32 or 33 would take you for less than 1€.

Some surf spots like Panorama and Taghazout Bay are within walking distance from the village. To go to more distant surf spots and/or to explore the surroundings, renting a car would be most convenient.

Alternatively, taxis are always available to and from the village. Arriving by Taxi from Agadir’s city center or directly from the Airport is also possible. Just make sure to agree on a price beforehand.


The whole village lives and speaks surf. Keep in mind that, unlike other surf spots, Taghazout is not well known for kite and wind surf.

However, unlike other surf destinations, the sand at the beaches nearby is compacted. Thus, it also is a great place to go out on short and long runs.

Although small, Taghazout counts with its own skate park, especially adapted for surf skating. The skate park is the highest point nearby, guaranteeing you the best view in town.

Working from Taghazout, Morocco
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Working from Taghazout, Morocco