Gathering Questions about GCP
Sample quiz question from Google Cloud Skill Boost

The CSV file consists of 147 questions on various GCP topics. The questions were taken from Cloud Engineering Learning Path courses, from Google Cloud Skill Boost.

The goal behind compiling a number of these questions is to use them as a study guide. I would like to go over the questions once again, in random order, before taking Google’s Associate Cloud Engineer Certification.

In the file, you will find one question per column. The column’s first row is the question’s topic, e.g. “Virtual Machines.”

The column’s second row is the question itself, e.g. “what is the main reason customers choose Preemptible VMs?”

The column’s subsequent rows consist of a question’s possible answers. Most questions are multiple choice, with four possible options and one right answer. In this case, the question’s right answer is that which is repeated in the column.

The same applies for True/False questions and questions with more than one possible right answer.

Gathering Questions about GCP
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Gathering Questions about GCP