Using Calendar Weeks in Power BI
Power BI is Microsoft’s data visualization solution

Often times it is useful to analyze the development of KPIs on a weekly basis. To achieve this, it is necessary to create a column with calendar weeks with some adjustments.

Say you have the table “account calendar” with column Date:

  1. From Data Editor on Power BI Desktop, select the table “calendar table.”


  2. Create calendar week using each date’s start of week and week number.

     account calendar =
         ADDCOLUMNS (
             ADDCOLUMNS (
                 CALENDAR ( MIN ( account[creation date] ), MAX ( account[creation date] ) ),
                 "start of week", [Date] - WEEKDAY ( [Date], 3 )
             "week number", WEEKNUM ( [start of week], 2 )
         "Date", [Date],
         "calendar week", IF ( [week number] < 10, "CW 0" & [week number], "CW " & [week number] )

Why use start of week instead of simply using Date to create the calendar week labels? When we use Date as a base for calendar week labels, we run into an issue of compatibility with other columns such as month. Months almost always have 4 weeks plus a couple of days more. When using start of week, we guarantee that each month has either 4 or 5 weeks. In this way, we prevent visualizations from displaying duplicated data.

Using Calendar Weeks in Power BI
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Using Calendar Weeks in Power BI