Create Calendar Tables in Power BI
Power BI is Microsoft’s data visualization solution

A calendar table stores a sequence of unique dates between a start date and an end date. For simplicity in relations among tables, it is sensible to create a calendar table for each date column you would like to include in visualizations.

Say you have the table “account” with column creation date. To create a calendar table:

  1. From Data Editor, go to Table Tools > New tables.


  2. On the header bar, use CALENDAR() and pass starting creation date and ending creation date as inputs.

     account calendar =
     CALENDAR ( MIN ( account[creation date] ), MAX ( account[creation date] ) )

    The previous piece of DAX code creates the table “account calendar” with unique dates between the earliest and latest dates found in the column creation date.

  3. Mark the new table as a calendar table. Go to Table tools > Mark as date table > Mark as date table.


  4. For a Date column, select the column Date and click Ok.


Within calendar tables, you can further create other useful columns such as calendar week, month, semester and year.

Create Calendar Tables in Power BI
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Create Calendar Tables in Power BI